Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Paper, Frocks & Scissors

Good news, True Blood fans! We can finally wrap our fingers around six-inches of Jason Stackhouse, like we’ve imagined doing for some time now. Sure, our hands might resemble those of Edward Scissorhands after a few weeks of spending time with the True Blood Paper Doll set, but that’s why we keep alcohol in our bathroom (at least that’s the excuse we give our one-night stands).

A gift to fans from artist Andy Swist, two TB characters (along with dress-up accessories) will debut online each week until season 2 of the cult-hit show comes to a close. The dolls, which include Bill, Sookie and Lafayette are free (our favorite price!) to download and print.

Instructions printed on the sheets implore enthusiasts to use the recession-proof toys to “create their own adventures.” Being submissive boys who never disobey orders, we’ve been busy creating new “adventures” with Lafayette, Jason and Bill, all of whom having mysteriously lost their clothing in a tragic plot twist we dreamed up last week. We’ve sent a spec script based on our salacious paper doll storyline to Alan Ball but have yet to hear back. Fingers and legs crossed!

Until then, we’re happy mending our variously-located paper cuts while trying to jam the thickest card stock possible into whatever slot it’ll fit into (on our printers, dirty devils!).

Two characters added weekly
Free to download (PDF) and print