Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Thai Us Up

Yes, you heard it here first (or maybe 32nd). We’re into S&M big time. Especially when we go out for Asian. In fact, we put so much importance on Sauces & Meats that it’s pretty much all we think about.

Well, we found our fix at Thai2go, a new restaurant within spitting distance of Parkland and Children’s Hospitals. You know, in case you have to have your heart restarted from too much fried food or spontaneously go into labor.

Personally, we ate so much on our last visit that we’re carrying around quite the large food baby. And we fear it may be breach. Or possibly twins.

That’s because the sauces here are amazing. For starters, they make a mean peanut sauce. Pay no attention to the fact that the Salad Rolls show up individually wrapped in tiny food condoms to keep the “steamed spring roll skins” from sticking together.

Oh, that sentence is wrong on so many levels that we must pause to address some issues with Thai2go.

First of all, we HATE the name. Not only is it the kind of text-message shorthand that is going to ruin the English language forever, it’s also confusing and too generic. A name like that says take-out-only to us, but they have quite a few tables for dining in.

Second, we don’t really like the word “skin” appearing in menu descriptions, unless we’re picking out male prostitutes in Thailand from a catalog and the word “skin” is preceded by “shows lots of silky smooth.”

Third, their slogan makes us laugh: “Clean food, good taste.” There’s something wrong with having to point that out. Perhaps they learned their lesson from their last restaurant’s tagline: “Rotting food, extra fortune cookies.”

Yet for all the things that are so very wrong, the food is so right that the little details are completely forgivable. Corn patties are delicious and crispy, with very little residual grease and a delightful sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

The curries? Velvety perfection. Pad Kee Mow’s fiery sauce? We want to gargle with it every morning and bathe in it every night.

As for the meats we praised earlier, that’s where Thai2go also gets an A. The chicken is plentiful and perfectly cooked. So many Asian restaurants serve mystery poultry pieces, but not here. Beef is also better than most, but we say stay with the chicken and you can’t go wrong.

Now, one final warning: It pays to ask questions on the menu, especially if you’re vegetarian. The Green Papaya Salad sounds like a vegan delight, but when it showed up with several plump shrimp, we were quite surprised. Not sure if there are any other menu items with dead animals lurking within seemingly veggie-friendly descriptions, but consider this fair notice.

Or just throw caution to the wind and enjoy whatever they put in front of you. Because it’s gonna be good.

2222 Medical District Drive, Dallas
(214) 484-2161