Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Watch Out For Fall

You’re walking to the second stop on the pub crawl when a Channing Tatum-look-alike passes by, asking the time. You butch up your wrist and bring it within your blurred line of vision, but stare at your watch with the confounded look Heidi Montag might give a book recommended for ages 8 and above.

Instead of being frightened off by your inability to decipher the cutting-edge gadget, the hottie stays, intrigued by your fashionable choice of accessories (and your mutual gorgeousness, of course!). He’s a keeper, and so is the Tokyoflash watch clinging to your arm.

The online retailer and maker of happy shiny super things, Tokyoflash has inspired us for over a year with its creative methods for reading time. Though some of the store’s offerings require nothing less than a bachelor degree in mathematics to decipher, we’ve still been on the hunt for one of the avant-garde timepieces. Now that they’re on sale (at up to 56% off), we can afford to be late to everything (we’re not very good at reading binary code or decimal graphs).

If rebellious watches send a shiver down your traditionalist spine, the new limited edition watches from Monocle (in collaboration with xBeam) might be just the circles to go in your square. A little conservative, a lot masculine, the olive or brown wristband options and the large well-crafted timepiece has the power to mask any limp wrist it’s wrapped around.

Time from both watch makers is running short, however; the Monocle/xBeam collaboration has produced a limited run of 200 watches, and the Tokyoflash sale will be over quicker than the hideous Hammer-pants revival…

Tokyoflash watches on sale, $41 – $158
Time Evolution Barcode SS (pictured), $158

Monocle and xBeam limited edition, $156