Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cal Counter

We’ve struggled for years to understand exactly what fundies mean when they say we have a “gay agenda.” Thanks to a new iPhone app, we now actually have one, and it’s fabulous.

From the clever minds at Cerebral Itch, My Gay Agenda makes sure we never miss an opportunity to break up straight marriages or indoctrinate babies into our ways of abomination. Well, at least that’s what the Right wrongly believes.

In actuality, or new virtual calendar keeps us on time and reminds us that our genuine agenda includes a mani/pedi at 4, and a date with Project Runway on Tivo at 8. Sure, we might also add reminders to donate to marriage equality organizations and to attend the National March on Washington – but don’t tell the homophobes; their Wingnut Agenda iPhone calendars (patent pending) are too packed with items like “deface the President’s image to resemble Hitler at 1 p.m.,” “sew new NRA patch on pistol holster at 1:30” and “prepare ‘Youth In Asia’ sign for Town Hall at 4” for them to pay much attention to our schedule.

If having an iCal-like calendar application come out of the closet explicitly for us isn’t enough to seduce you, the refined interface also allows users to view “Today In Gay,” where a simple virtual Post-It will teach them more about LGBT history than the current American education system imparts in 13 years of schooling.

Before we found the simple and powerful tool, our gay agenda was only visible in the crowded notches in our bedposts. Now, anyone who gets their hands on our iPhone will know what devilish, no-good havoc we reap on a daily basis.

$2.99, with a portion of proceeds benefiting Project Angel Food