Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mirror, Mirror, On The Web

Photoshop is a lifesaver. And not that horrid sour-apple flavor; the software, like cherry, does nothing but make life better.

While we’ve removed blemishes or airbrushed an ab or six so many times that it could be done with our hands tied behind our muscular backs (which are also courtesy of Photoshop), there are some retouching skills that are outside of our reach.

But they’re not out of Thinner View’s grasp.

The new service skillfully manipulates the photos of those hoping to lose weight to reveal what their future thinner selves will look like. It’s like a Crystal (Light) Ball!

With a realistic reminder of why we’re busting our buns to workout, the fantasy photo that Thinner View sends back provides us with more homotivation to do those 200 sit-ups than that shirtless pic of Ryan Gosling taped to our toes ever could (we have better uses for that, anyway!).

If only Thinner View would use its photo-manipulation skills to launch a sister service that shows us how we’d look with bubble butts. We’ve attempted to enhance our booties ourselves, but our amateurish touch only blurs our backsides, making it look like we enjoyed grandma’s famous five-alarm chili an hour before the photo was taken. Not sexy!

Sure, it’s easy to smell a whole new wave of dishonesty in online picture sharing, but just think of the service as a way to break the ice and ask possible-hookups to share some webcam time.

Thinner View images start at $15