Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

MorMan Than We Can Handle?

The tools used by organized religions to convert people into followers are getting better. As evident in the 2010 Men on a Mission calendar, it looks like Mormons are drafting incredibly gorgeous, flawlessly-ripped men to spread its word. (As far as Mssrs March – August go, we’ve got something else they can spread.)

Featuring a dozen Mormon men who’ve spent at least one year serving as missionaries, the new calendar makes us ready to serve them before assuming the missionary. (The puns are endless!)

After taking a long, hard look at Men on a Mission, we’re convinced there are islands full of eager, spiritually (or man) hungry indigenous gay tribes the Church of Latter Day Saints is trying to reach. (Is there a Morman mission on Fire Island?)

True, the church might have been one of the biggest contributors to passing Prop 8, but maybe it’s trying to cleanse its anti-equality past by giving us these godly treasures.

Who knows?

We do know, however, that Morman missionaries typically work in pairs (hot), are subjected to hard labor (hotter), and are about the most innocent creatures on the planet, ripe for corrupting (hottest!). The new calendar certainly seals in the final talking point by including two pictures of each month’s Morman – one is a heavenly shirtless shot, Superman-style; the other reveals the guys in what might be even sexier: their missionary garb, Clark Kent-style.

We’ve never been ones to preach, but now we have a bit of our own converting work to do, starting with Mr. January…