Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

For The Desk, A New Dawn

Gaybies have all the luck this time of year.

Instead of updating their own wardrobes to include the latest fall looks from Zara or Marc Jacobs, our parenthood friends are updating their kids’ backpacks and school supply drawers. But why should fabulous fathers be so selfless (an alien concept to us) this time of year? Go ahead, get the kids the latest classroom gadgets and then update your own desk supplies with Areaware’s haute mahogany desk set from designer Singgih Kartono.

Each item in the four-component collection inspires creativity with sustainably-harvested mahogany and sonokeling woods. Yea, the products originate out of Indonesia, but unlike most of H&M’s catalog, these exports aren’t mass produced; instead, the desk set passes through the hands of an entire Indonesian fishing village, quite like we did during a drunken backpacking adventure in 2002.

A stapler, tape dispenser, envelope opener and a letter/pen/card holder make up the set, along with a bevy of rustic, gay-to-the point spirit. The gorgeous wooden items make a warm statement next to the cold, clinical feel of all-black office supplies that used to consume our home office aesthetic.

We should have known that all it takes is a little wood to brighten up our work day…

$75 for the set