Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gay Purée

You can’t turn on Oprah these days without her talking about poop, high-protein diets or her billion-dollar va-jay-jay. And now that Dr. Oz has his own show? Forget it. No bodily function will ever be sacred again.

But watching Ms. Winfrey and her trusty doctor over the years, we’ve learned at least one important lesson: anti-oxidants are important. Well, that and we’ll never get our gay sex pop-up novel into her book club by sitting outside Harpo Studios and trying to toss it into her limo’s sunroof.

Sooo, back to the anti-oxidants.

Not only do they protect the body against the formation of free radicals, they also come in tasty treats like prunes and beets. Ummm, yuck? And they are also available in dozens of “miracle” juice drinks. (Believe us, the Gay List Daily mansion’s pantry is overflowing with boxes of stuff we could never in good conscience recommend.)

Then one finally caught our attention: Via Viente. Perhaps it was the bright purple bottle that brought back Donny Osmond fantasies or the fact that the company is out to make a difference in the lives of the GLBT community (or LGBT if you swing that way).

For every bottle of fruit puree juice blend sold, they donate 30 percent of sales to Black Tie Dinner in Dallas. That’s pretty darn generous if you ask us.

But charity be damned, if the product sucks, it doesn’t really matter. Well, two bottles later, we’re believers. (How many times have we said that before?)

Two ounces of the juice blend in the morning and evening, and we really do feel great. We don’t know if it’s the memories of Methodist Church communion “wine” the juice blend conjures up, or the fact that we mixed our evening Via Viente with equal parts vodka and tonic that put a smile on our face (we’re sure they would frown on us promoting that).

Bottom line, though, it tastes good and it sure beats free-basing 36 Flintstone’s vitamins each morning to get our USRDA of fabulous.

As low as $32.66 per bottle (one-month supply) with LGBT discount

Black Tie Dinner Update
Dallas’ gay social event of the year, Black Tie Dinner, is only 23 days away! If you think you’ve waited to long to get your tickets, think again. Starting today, individual ticket are now available.

You don’t want to miss this year’s line up, starting with one of our biggest (and most handsome) straight allies, Gavin Newsome – the dreamboat San Francisco Mayor whose executive order set in motion the legalization of gay marriage in California. And if hunky politicians aren’t your thing, there’s the incomparable Cyndi Lauper and the amazing Judy Shepard to entertain and inspire.

Get your tickets now at tickets.blacktie.org.

Black Tie Dinner
Saturday, October 3, 2009
Sheraton Downtown Dallas