Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Unleashing The Untamed Tongue

As people mature, so do their tastes. As teenagers we regularly declared in our calfskin-bound journals that we’d never make out with a mustache. Now, a year and a half later, we’d consider it if the mustachioed man lets us peek at his 401(k).

What we enjoy putting into our mouths evolves as well.

As twinks we never could imagine enjoying anything more decadent than vanilla. But a few Prides under our studded belts and 31 flavors isn’t enough. For those with extravagant tastes that are hard to satisfy, there’s the Folsom Street Fair, and Perfect Flavor.

We’ll assume you know all there is to know about Folsom, and instead focus on the ways us finicky fruits can reach Nirvana through ice cream, thanks to PerfectFlavor.com.

The create-your-own-desert website allows aficionados to personalize their ice cream in ways Cold Stone Creamery or Pinkberry simply cannot.

First, guests choose a base from six options including everything from sweet cream to French custard. Then, a flavor to infuse the base with is selected from among four. Finally, if the drool provoked by our ice cream porn ogling hasn’t destroyed our laptop mouse, mix-ins are chosen from what seems like an infinite amount of naughty goodies.

Perfect Flavor’s gourmet ice cream is packed with ingredients from local, sustainable agriculture sources, and the care is reflected in the price. But giving up control over our tricks or treats is so vanilla.

We sometimes like to be dominant, even over our deserts, and this business makes it worth it to take control and experiment.

4 pints, $120; 8 pints, $150