Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Shaker That Stirs Conversation

We’ve always considered bartending an art. It’s a notion that allows us to sleep at night. After all, not even Getty spent as big of a percentage of income on masterpieces as we have.

Really honing in on the art aspect of mixology is the Twist Cocktail Shaker from designer Fred Bould.

The helix-shaped functional sculpture is so attention-grabbing that party guests are too enamored with its gorgeous design to notice we only use the cheap stuff in their cocktails.

Twist’s appeal doesn’t end with its aesthetics – a removable strainer is incorporated into the shaker itself, meaning that even after our eleventh visit in a row to the device, our trembling hands and blurred vision won’t have to mastermind a contraption with (gasp!) more than one part.

And the shaker’s naturally-thermal Nambé metal keeps our libations cold no matter how many thrusts our grasped hands give it.

Sure, the unconventional shape might remind some of our friskier fairy guests of a very different gadget, but as long as it gets their mouths watering, we’re sure the drinks deriving from its artful precision will leave them satisfied just the same.

Fred Bould Twist Cocktail Shaker
Available at online retailers like Amazon and Macys, $145
On sale at The Addison Collection, $123