Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Keys To Our Hearts

Life can’t always be clouds of glitter and pastel skinny jeans. The approach of fall is the perfect time to tone down our accessories. Taking us from bright-red Kanye West sunglasses (jackass!) and rainbow-colored jelly bracelets to mammoth-tusk rings and spooky pendants crafted from vintage piano keys, Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons makes our transition into the macabre months stylish and unconventional.

While some of the haunting designs from BSPS have our exorcist loaded on speed dial just in case (though we wouldn’t mind the flawless flexibility a quick, routine possession would endow us with), a few of the brand’s more elegant pieces strike the exact harmony of masculinity and fashion we strive for in fall.

The designers help us stick out of the fold with creative objects such as honeycomb amulets, ghost-like scarves and the aforementioned woolly mammoth ring.

But it’s the brand’s one-of-a-kind scrimshaw necklaces we want dripping down the middle of our chests. The pendants, perfect for the darker months, make us feel sexy and masculine even though it’s too cold to rock deep v-necks or unclasp the top six buttons of our lavender blouses.

If you’re a PETA pet, don’t worry! We don’t need bodily fluids flung towards our necks (despite what you might have heard) in protest of the ivory accessories. We (as well as BSPS) wouldn’t support the harm of whichever animal ivory comes from (the hyena?). Freeing our consciences, the materials used in BSPS’s creations come from either extinct mammoth’s ivory or reclaimed vintage piano keys.

Now if we could only find some ebony to wrap around our necks as well…

Woolly-mammoth ring, on sale for $330
Salvaged ivory scrimshaw necklaces, $685