Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Put A Cap On It

We generally avoid covering up our hundred-dollar hairdos. Unless it’s a level-3 bad hair day – which leaves our boyfriends scarred for weeks – we rarely put crap on our coif.

But new hat makers Process and Content are trying their hardest to piss our hairstylists off with the debut of their striking first collection, Mementos and Pastimes.

The just-arrived fall collection has us for the first time not wanting to spare (hardy, har) the bowler-hat craze afflicting the nation’s hipsters. Thanks to Process and Content’s “Monocle” design, our hat collection has been brought up to speed for the first time since the horrid trucker-hat pandemic (god rest the victims’ souls).

Though we’re happy to wade into the trendy bowler waters, it’s the brand’s update on the often-tired fedora that quiets our yawns. Both “Red Bound” (pictured) and “Formation” returns fedoras to the forefront of style for the fiftieth time this decade alone.

They’re out, they’re in, they’re out, they’re in – it’s as if Heidi Klum had a stroke.

The hits from the brand’s debut collection don’t end there; our hats are off (err, on) to the resurrected styles such as the cricket cap that help break Process and Content’s collection cherry.

Sorry, overpriced stylists, its Process and Content that’s giving us good head now.