Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rainbow Republic

Our campaign pledge to increase the amount of rock hard butts across the great gay landscape has been made easier. Republic Bike, a custom bike shop that allows customers to personalize the colors and components of their crotch rockets right down to the handlebars, is making our routine trip down the boulevard a daily mini-Pride parade.

By rightfully giving us complete control over that which we sit upon, the Florida-based company lets us choose the size, speed (fixed or single speed), apparatus and colors of our bikes.

To really get into the gears (no pun intended) and engage one’s desires upon every inch of the sexy frame (pun intended), customers can get into the nitty-gritty engineering aspects of bike mechanics by customizing foreign-sounding (and arousing) words like fork-tips and rear-dropouts.

For those of us who’d rather listen to a hot bike-mechanic utter these manly technical terms than fumble around with them the way we do with Ikea instructions, the custom company provides us with a list of pre-chosen “popular builds,” which allows us to do to the bikes what we do best: make pretty and add colorful flair.

Thanks to the ease of designing and the final product, the custom bike built by Republic Bike might just be the gayest thing between our legs, which, we’re sure you’ll understand, is a significant accomplishment.

$399, not including shipping and handling