Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Floury Prose

You know we love our Sprinkles cupcakes. If it weren’t for their regular deliveries to our office, we might never eat. (That makes it okay to eat a dozen at once, right?) And while there’s nothing new about Sprinkles cupcakes themselves, there is something fresh and fun with the way you can order them now.

Whether you’re looking to break up with a guy, announce the adoption of your new Malawian baby, or anger your Weight Watchers group, the possibilities to “Say it with Sprinkles” are practically endless. It’s just like Twitter, only even more concise because you’ve only got 12 sweet mounds upon which to unload your deepest feelings. And you can select flavors, letters and decorations to completely customize online.

Some examples:

“I SLEPT WITH ED” written on a dozen cupcakes is a much classier way to admit recent infidelities.

Got a problem employee? “YOURE SO FIRED” atop twelve Dark Chocolate Banana treats is sure to keep her from suing you or going postal like the last guy.

And “ITS NOT CRABS” is bound to make somebody’s Monday a lot more joyous when said with Red Velvet.

Like personalized license plates, there’s no punctuation available, so you may not want to send these to a picky English teacher, but by mixing flavors and picking the appropriate box (six on top, six on bottom vs. a four-four-four configuration), it’s easy to split words into more legible blocks.

Don’t go too crazy, though. Sprinkles just might censor you, though, if you try to write anything X-rated, morally bankrupt or racist. But don’t worry, that’s what sky-writing and billboards are for.

One dozen custom message cupcakes in your choice of flavors: $46 – $56
4020 Villanova Drive, Dallas
Plaza at Preston Center
(214) 369-0004

Gay List Daily Prize Alert!
What would you like to say on a dozen cupcakes? Send us your best message in 12 letters or less. We’ll select the most creative to get his or her creation put into a customized Sprinkles box to enjoy. Send in your most clever sentiment by Friday, September 25 to slindsey@gaylistdaily.com. One entry per person. Decisions of the judges are final.

GLD Reader Needs Your Help
Fire up the GLD Bat Signal and jump in the GLD Invisible Jet, because we have a reader who needs our help!

Loyal Gay List Daily reader and fabulous author Candace Talmadge is in the running for the “Wake Up Celebrity Author!” contest and she needs your vote. In exchange for taking 30 seconds of your time to potentially change her life (and her partner’s – yes, she’s family), Candace is offering a free e-book from her Green Stone of Healing series as a token of her gratitude.

Simply follow Candace’s instructions at www.healingstonebooks.com/stonescribe. The contest expires on Friday, September 25, so do it now!