Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hard Press’d

Our boyfriends’ iPhones get more finger action than we do these days. So how to steal the attention away, back to what truly matters? Perhaps the new Handsome Devil Press e-card app will do the trick, which coincidentally, is a pastime we shared with our bf’s in the pre-iPhone days.

Though the app first caught our stunning eyes thanks to Apple’s warnings – “frequent/intense sexual content or nudity” and “infrequent/mild alcohol use or references” – the charmingly buff cartoon queens certainly deliver on the promise.

After downloading the app, users have access to and can personalize any of Handsome Devil Press’ campy creations, pick recipients from contact lists and spread some electronic e-card lovin’ – no seven-day antibiotic necessary!

Occasions celebrated by the cards vary from marriages/unions to birthdays, but the observance of our favorite occasion – sex – perhaps makes for the most useful offering from illustrator Jason O’Malley.

After all, what better way to remind our boyfriends we exist or inform booty calls of our readiness for a late-night fling than through a cordial greeting card?

Our grandmothers would be so proud!

Limited version, free
Full version, $3.99
Available now on iTune’s App Store