Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Just Say Nau

Sorry, season two of Dance Your Ass Off – the hottest slimming down this fall is thanks to Nau. We didn’t think it possible, but the inventive clothing company has resuscitated the cargo pant. Unlike other revived relics of antiquity such as Larry King, Nau’s twill cargo pants no longer reek of its old-man past.

Though we still catch sightings of fatigues, khaki and camouflage cargos in the wild, we had secretly hoped Sarah Palin herself would seal their demise from a lipstick-covered helicopter high above. But Nau’s stylish clean-faced cotton-twill has saved them from the brink of extinction, actually having us – gasp! – showing off cargos at house parties and clubs.

The zipper-thin side pockets are slender enough to stick discreetly close to our thighs (just where we like it) but functional so that we can add the overflow items denied by our homo-satchels.

Even when stuffed, the difference in size from 90’s-style cargos to Nau’s skinny reinvention is so dramatic that Subway’s Jared would return to fried food to eat his way out of the envy.

Sure, the slimmer pockets and modern fit are game-changing, but it’s for another reason that we adore these pants; through a trace of stretch material, Nau’s cargos take the bulk away from our thighs to accentuate an area we’d rather have emphasized – our butts.

It’s like our dream cosmetic procedure without the scars!

Available in three colors