Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

No Holds Barred

Don’t tell mom, but sometimes we actually want to break in to jail. We shouldn’t have to explain why.

Now, with the release of Jailhouse Fire hot sauce, sexual tension isn’t the only thing bottled-up by inmates whom we want stimulating our tongues – we’re also going heels over head for the new line of inmate-produced hot sauces, Jailhouse Fire.
Yup, that’s right – the peppers used in the fiery brand are grown in Florida’s Hillsborough County Jail yard by inmates. They’re the only fruits that have been touched by more prisoners than us! (And yes, peppers are botanically considered fruits.)

Unlike some of the hardened men we’ve come across, Jailhouse Fire is respectful of one’s threshold, and offered in three levels of heat: original, smoke and “no escape.”

Like Jessica Simpson’s mop, the new brand lets its roots shine through, even flaunting them in its marketing campaign. Slogans like “Created with conviction” and “Murder on your taste buds” don’t keep Jailhouse Fire’s inmate-origins behind bars; instead, the prisoner-product is roaming free, making us as hot as the fantasies accompanying it.

Original, Smoke and No Escape 5 oz. bottle, $7
No Escape 1.5 oz. bottle, $3