Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Another ‘Mo Month

While we certainly understand that our personal gay history shouldn’t be allowed within fifty-feet of any young person, the absence of our community’s vibrant past from the country’s various annals is a travesty.

But to put our annals where they belong – right in front of society’s face – starting today, our colorful gay past will be celebrated on GLBTHistoryMonth.com. We’ve decided a commemorative website is much better than counting either the notches on our bedposts or the empty liquor bottles in our recycling bin.

Considering that Pride events have spread beyond June, it was obvious we needed yet another month as devoted to our roots as Jean Paul down at Vidal Sassoon.

If the two months celebrating all things gay were a famous celebrity couple, they’d be Karl Lagerfeld and superhot French-model boyfriend, Baptiste Giabiconi (Google him; you’ll thank us later). June, like Baptiste, is young, hot and full of… promise. GLBT History Month in October, like Lagerfeld, is for exalting our aged and weathered past before it vanishes in a poof of black lace and extravagantly oversized dark sunglasses.

And just as Lagerfeld’s Blublockers do, the website helps make visible what is often restricted by profiling a different prolific GLBT icon every day this month, starting today with Alvin Ailey Jr.

GLBT History Month begins today