Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

B-b-bad to the Phone

It’s official – karma is as big of a bitch as Atlanta Housewive’s She by Shereé. We could take it as an ominous sign that we need to start being more honest, but the new Spoof app for smart phones scares the bejewels right off our cell phone covers.

No longer can we promise a future fling that we’ll call while secretly promising ourselves to send them to voicemail; SpoofApp changes the way we look at our caller IDs by allowing users to literally change their freakin’ caller IDs! The moment dissed daters encounter our voicemails, they can hang-up, load the application and choose the exact number they’d like to appear when they call us back.

But two can play at that game! With us putting our fingers all around the naughty tool, our friends and family have every right to be as worried to answer the phone as any B-rated movie star in the second or third installments of Scream.

Fueling the fear, the new application can modify the gender of a caller’s voice faster than any Tijuana doctor will, even with a coupon! Since the result on the other end is less convincing than a dive-bar drag queen’s rendition of “Over The Rainbow,” we can simply switch the SpoofApp controls to “male,” thereby adding a mysterious masculine, guttural element to our tone.

We sound so butch, our friends will never guess it’s us!

Free, additional usage minutes extra
Available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android