Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Save A Horse

Sorry, cheerleading – if there ever was a stereotypical sport meant for gays, it’d have to be rodeo.

We may have learned how to do a tuck/eagle spread complete with pom-poms by sheer accident (don’t ask), but something in our genes (and our jeans) makes us think we can ride a bull by natural-born ability.

Even though we’re basing the assumption of our prowess on ten years of simulated training, there is a bustling community of time-tested (and championed) gay rodeo stars, all of whom are heading to New Mexico later this month for the World Gay Rodeo Finals.

Our interests (and various other parts) were piqued at the mere notion of the world’s top gay cowboys gathering in one location. But it was the lineup of events that saw our frequent flier miles deplete faster than a bottle of Goldschläger in a sorority house.

Pole bending? Steer and bull riding? Grand entry? Team roping? Chute dodging? These are the actual event categories! The itinerary sounds like our Friday and Saturday night after hours, only with a seating area for a large audience (though loan paperwork for exactly that has been filed with our bank).

Easy-target puns and innuendos aside, the talent to be seen the weekend of October 23 – 25 will be the best the world has to offer, which is why we’re proud to support the LGBT athletes hoping to score trophies in Albuquerque.

As for us? We shouldn’t have to tell you what exactly we’re hoping to score at the finals…

IGRA World Gay Rodeo Finals
Friday, October 23 – Sunday, October 25
New Mexico State Fairgrounds
300 San Pedro Drive, Albuquerque
Other events and parties are scheduled to take place across the city as well as in Sante Fe