Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Clever Citations

We’ve taken the law into our own hands before, but he was an off-duty cop out of his uniform, so it wasn’t as thrilling as we had hoped.

Still, the rush of authority overcomes us every once in awhile, though our friends – after prying their trembling hands off of the passenger seat’s “oh shit” handles – usually refer to it as road rage.

To quell our inner-traffic cops and to satisfy the blood lust that erupts from big city parking frustrations, clever tear-away “parking tickets” from Shinebox Print are stashed neatly in our glove compartments right next to our handy wipes and bottles of ketchup.

That poorly-parked SUV that pulled too close to your rear (not in a good way) on the street, blocking you in? Don’t turn to your keys with the driver’s side door set in your sight; instead, tear out Shinebox Print’s very butch “It was either this, or put a crowbar through your window” parking ticket to civilly let the offender know they’ve crossed the line (as Shinebox wittily puts it).

That ’94 Ford Aerostar minivan parked next to you at the Minneapolis Airport with such a wide stance you can’t even open your car door? The “Your car isn’t nice enough to park in two spots” parking ticket should put enough sass on the minivan’s glass to calm the embarrassment of having to enter through the back door (no pun intended) in front of passersby.

All in all, the 20 tickets from Shinebox provide parking stress catharsis better than a martini or a quick fingernail-file straight through the tires might – not that we’d do that… again.

20 Parking Tickets, $7