Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Domestic Democracy

As far as head to head battles go, we prefer watching UFC matches from the comforts of our beds. Though we possess our father’s competitive spirit, we’re also endowed with our mother’s huge…domestic prowess.

The two factors haven’t exactly translated into wrestling matches, but a new website from noted food critics Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubs is transforming us from voyeurs into competitive exhibitionists.

The freshly-launched Food52.com invites users to submit their best recipes into the ring to battle it out in two weekly categories like best chopped salad or best apple pie. From then, it’s up to voters to decide the 52 week’s worth of winners, all of whom will make it into a Food52 Cookbook published by HarperStudio.

Sure, sealing our place in the publishing world with a Jack Daniels soufflé would make mom proud, but we’ll be satisfied with the simple unleashing of our domestic diva domination upon the Interwebs.

Until Food52.com, we thought the only things to bring out our competitive spirit were versatile gymnasts or the last pair of 30×32 Diesels at a Barneys Warehouse sale…

Two weekly winners will be published in the Food52 Cookbook, as well as receive a ton of OXO cooking utensils
Enter and vote at www.food52.com.