Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

A Fish Called Wanda

Few people would ever dare use the “F” word and the “N” word to talk about President Obama, let alone on national television. But leave it to Wanda Sykes to cross lines in hilariously outrageous ways. While we definitely don’t want Barack “pushing the button,” we most assuredly want Wanda to push every button she can find.

The nearly-90-minute stand-up concert, I’ma Be Me, was filmed during a recent visit to Washington, DC, so politics play a huge part in her tirades and uniquely skewed observations. Who knew that the election of a black president would finally enable her to carry a whole watermelon out of a grocery store without embarrassment? That’s the kind of change most of us don’t think about.

Prop. 8 also gets air time, especially how it prompted her to come out as lesbian. Unlike most conversations that have been had on the proposition and the “choice” to be gay, she uses humor and cleverly absurd examples to turn any anti-gay argument into one big joke (in every possible sense).

Some material is a couple years old, some is extremely current, and portions have been changed to acknowledge her wife, so it’s a good mix of material for the Wanda newbies as well as the die-hard fans.

We’ve always loved us some Wanda Sykes, but now that she’s bringing her sexuality into the mix, we heart her even more. All we know is that we wish we’d been on the gay cruise that plays so prominently in her act. That makes us sad.

But then again, we’re also happy that we don’t need the “broke dick” pills that she’s talking about, either. So who are we to complain

“I’ma Be Me” premieres Saturday, October 10 on HBO
10:00 p.m. ET/PT