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Falling Over Autumn Footwear

As our wardrobe palates turn darker with the autumn weather, so goes our footwear. Day-glo hi-tops and neon-white sneaks might have bobbed over our heads during summer afternoon delights, but with fall, our footwear takes a more dignified approach. If you follow the advice of our three favorite styles for our three favorite parts of the day, your autumn closet will be complete with more staples than Star Jones’ stomach.

Anville from Tsubo, $180
There are plenty of things going on below our desk that might catch the eyes of passersby. Thanks to Tsubo’s Anville our footwear is now one of them. A masculine answer to the ankle-boot trend that’s adored by more Hollywood chicks than Twitter, the Anville keeps our ankles supported while wrapping our feet in simple, forward-thinking style. Far from ornate, the burnished suede shoe reeks of avant-garde fashion without being too much of a stretch for any cubicle cutie.


Telecast 2k9 from Reebok, $68
It’s no secret that we like being strapped in when receiving a sweaty workout. Reebok’s Telecast 2k9 does just that – though for a slightly different (and less sweaty) kind of workout. With a singular strap to keep the foot’s position focused, the Telecast 2k9 is our pick for everything from cardio to the dozens of daily squats we muster. The shoe is a sex maniac at first glance, but once wearers get inside, the comfort, durability and performance take over. The same has surely been said about us.


Working It
Officer’s Combat Boot from Common Projects, $575
You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a shoe by its name. Our favorite shoe for fall from seminal men’s footwear line Common Projects is everything its title deems it to be – sexy, masculine and rough. What man can resist the role-playing aura that pours from this expertly-tailored boot? Even those more vanilla than this dark brown leather brogan might allude to will enjoy how well it succeeds at accomplishing fall’s biggest trend – vintage punk.