Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

From Apnea To Zeo

We already have a life coach, a workout coach, a nutritional coach and a volleyball coach; the one place we thought we could escape from coaching of any sort was in our dreams. Not anymore.

The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach is here, aiming to count our reps in Zs, to strengthen our saggy naps.

The novel, cutting-edge product comes in two pieces of hardware: a headband to assess our brainwaves during sleep and a nifty bedside display that looks like the Star Trek Enterprise’s controls.

Each morning, the display provides the newly-awakened with a “ZQ” number rating their night’s rest, based upon the amount of deep sleep obtained, number of times the sleeper woke up during the night, etc.

A third piece of software found on Zeo’s website interprets the information from both the display and the headband, providing users with a unique look inside their sleeping habits and revealing the trends – like stress and diet – that affect one’s ability to get good rest.

Although it’d risk this post being filtered by your company’s internet software as “adult,” we could name at least a dozen reasons why we don’t get much sleep. Still, those few times we catch some z’s that aren’t technically considered “blacking out” could stand to be improved, and the Zeo might be able to accomplish just that.

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, $249
Sleep Coach and unlimited guided coaching, $349