Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Paul In The Family

Paul J. Williams gets around. And no, that’s not just our way of cleverly saying that he can be seen in a variety of venues around town and even on national television. We mean it entirely metaphorically. He’s a slut. A man-whore. A high-priced hooker who’ll suck anything for a buck.

OK, none of that’s true (at least from our personal experience). But we’re trying to get our stories picked up on more trashy tabloid web sites and that damn Jon & Kate are stealing our thunder. So if we have to make up scandal, what better target than sassy gay comedian extraordinaire Paul J. Williams? Besides, he should be thrilled that we’re not bringing up the sordid details of his Republican kitten torture trial of 2005.

But we digress (more than he transgresses). We have had a long-distance love affair with the funny guy for years, despite the fact that 23 states classify that as “stalking.” We’re sure you know who he is, whether you’ve been long-time predators fans of his or you’re new to the whole Dallas comedy scene.

You may have seen him perform on gay cruises, in P-Town or in his one-man show in New York back in the late ’90s. Most recently, he stole the show as Edna Garrett in Uptown Players’ all-male Facts of Life musical then brought his sass to Mommie Queerest in a smaller, but equally hilarious role.

Currently, you can catch him exploring his anger-management issues as the announcer in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Theatre Three. As you’ve read here before, his contribution alone to the show makes it worth the price of admission.

But if you’re quarantined with Homo1-N1 and don’t dare show your surgical mask in public, then you can still get your PJ fix. He’s featured on Episode 6 of One Night Stand Up on LOGO, where you can see him in his purest joke-telling form. Stories from childhood and his family are where he really shines and his set just makes us want more.

Thankfully, we’ll get what we want on Sunday, October 25, when Paul joins comedian and author Eddie Sarfaty in an evening of comedy benefiting the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and celebrating the release of Eddie’s new book, Mental: Funny in the Head. The show is subtitled “An Evening of Homo-Neurotic Comedy” so expect both comedians to unleash more than a few skeletons into the audience.

Which reminds us, did you know they found seven dead bodies buried in Paul’s kitchen walls? Not that we’re trying to spread any more rumors. Just sayin’.

“One Night Stand Up” on LOGO
Upcoming Showings: October 25, November 3 & November 6
View online at www.logoonline.com

MENTAL: An Evening of Homo-Neurotic Comedy
Tickets: $25
Sunday, October 25, 7:30 p.m.
KD Studio Theater
2600 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas
(214) 630-5491
Click here for tickets

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