Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fed Up With Old Clothes?

Most don’t know this, but shopahol is our second favorite intoxicant.

Hi. We are Gay List Daily, and we are shopaholics. This would explain why our two walk-ins are more crowded than the closets of the Republican Party.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we have no problem replenishing our closets with new blood (just ask the collections department at AmEx). We do, however, have a problem with the unworn designer gems hanging as far back in the closest as a few 50-year-old A-list actors. ThredUp wants us to give these used treasures the light of day by trading them over its growing network of users.

After registering for free with the website, ThredUp lets clothes-whores create virtual closets, complete with the old-to-us but new-to-someone-else designer goods we’ve been holding onto. Rather than photographing relics, users simply input data such as designer, pattern, material and size into the system. Though it’s exhilarating keying-in statistics that reveal our shrinking waists and our growing upper-bodies, our favorite part of the ThredUp trading process is our “wish list” – it’s in this section we get to divulge our cherished labels, favorite styles and svelte sizes so that the system can locate us the most appropriate trade-in bounty.

Once our profile is complete, ThredUp puts a price tag on our retired fashions and matches them to other users’ wish lists. Then we send off matched garments in pre-paid envelopes and voila! we receive new-to-us designer shirts to fill the panic-inducing closet voids.

We think it’s a great idea (second only to donating clothes to local homeless organizations), especially because there’s already a bustling online community where we trade our other sexy used goods, very successfully, might we add…

Current special offer – first three envelopes are half-priced at $12.50
Fees from then on vary
While in BETA, ThredUp is trading only shirts; more garment categories to follow