Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Head of the Pack

Finding a good top has never been easy. Our recycle bin, like most centralized gay ghettos, is crowded with unpaired bottoms, dirty dreamers that are absent a top and tossed aside.

But when it rains it pours, ravishing readers, and thanks to designer Jorre van Ast, we’ve got five tight-fitting gorgeous tops to weather the storm.

Unfortunately for the amorous, we’re referring to a new set of environmentally-friendly and functional jar tops. (As for the mythical other top, evidence as to its existence has yet to surface.) Fortunately for the resourceful eco-chef, van Ast’s tops are of the next best kind: jarheads.

The five niche functions employed by the replacement tops allow us to play matchmaker with our reclaimed jars.

The long-handled cap turns our empty pasta sauce container into our newest mimosa pitcher, while van Ast saves our empty cocktail olive jars from the brink of death by converting them into adorable creamers with the sleek creamer top. Also giving our jars good heads are chocolate and sugar shaker tops and an olive oil/vinegar pouring lid.

Thanks to the five tops, we save money on our grocery bill and our used and lonely bottoms get screwed by sexy jarheads – it’s win-win!

Set of five reusable replacement jar lids, $29