Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Holiday Runway

As hard as grandma or Aunt Esther might try to convince us, holiday and fashion are two concepts better left unmingled. It’s simply unnatural for the two to come together in unholy, hedonistic congress. When an abomination between fashion and holidays occurs, traditional marriages dissolve, kittens cry and babies instantly develop lisps.

That was until Jack Spade defied logic and scripture by releasing a sinfully enjoyable holiday collection earlier this month.

Finally allowing us to indulge in seasonal sartorial sensations, the assortment is chock full of reworked American classics (like gingham and checkers) so worthy of our admiration that holiday and fashion can become lustful butt-buddies sharing the same sentence once again.

The amount of goodies offered in Jack Spade’s holiday 2009 collection are many, meaning we might be rocking holiday gear right up until our Christmas tree is finally dragged, dry and bristly, from our living rooms sometime around Valentine’s Day.

There’s the wide array of colorful knitted ties and checkered bow-ties; a healthy selection of elegant wool coats (one even lined and bottomed with red holiday flannel); and a variety of contemporary holiday scarves and gloves that already have us making up reasons why we couldn’t wear the googley-eyed reindeer scarf mom made for us ten years ago.

Sorry tacky holiday sweaters, eggnog-stained scarves and dollar-store stretch gloves reeking of peppermint-flavored lube, Jack Spade’s re-imagined holiday staples are preparing to take the reign (Christmas pun intended).

The Morningside tie (pictured), $95
Bow Ties (pictured), $85 each