Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Make Beer, Not War

Beer wasn’t our first choice in good times until the economy made $20 Martinis seem slightly unreasonable (slightly). Sure, our tolerance plus the amount of beers required to make fellow patrons attractive might equal similarly priced bar tabs, but we’ve never been good at math.

We’re man enough to admit we’ve developed a taste for the butchest thing to touch our tongues since we took a dodgeball to the face at Equinox last week. Still, this newly acquired taste would go down smoother if we could throw in a few tweaks of our own into the recipe.

Since we don’t own a brewery, we’ll have to stick with store-bought strawberry blonde, right? Wrong, honey!

Independent Australian brewery Coopers is helping us release our inner Martha Brewart, if you will, thanks to a product that allows us to brew beer from the comforts of our Pier 1 sofas.

With the brand’s Homebrewing Kit we can make up to six gallons of beer (it’ll have to do), in 17 different customizable varieties. A DVD guides us through the process, and after 7-10 days of fermenting we’ll have 7-10 frat boys over for our very own acai/wheat-grass-blend kegger!

A personal vineyard is out of the question for now (though legs crossed that our profile on DateAGayMillionaire.com will make it reality), so until then, our six-packs can be threatened by the first home brewing system that won’t get us featured on Cops.

Coopers Homebrewery Kit, $100
Extra Individual beer kits, $17 – $20