Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fly The Bitchy Skies

It’s not the President of the United States. Or doctors. Not even hot go-go boys who use sex as a weapon.

Nope, flight attendants have all the power. They control what you drink, how much and even if you can get up to pee while waiting for take-off. Sure, the pilots may think they’re in control, but we all know the truth. It’s the women in the skirts who wear the pants.

Hijackers, schmijackers. We’re more terrified of an in-flight encounter with a mile-high hostess hag with a stick up her butt in the full upright position.

You know the type. She’s bitter, mean and probably would be happier if the plane went down in flames than to have to smile and serve you a bag of six peanuts and a third-of-a-can of Pepsi.

Well, now you can spend an evening with a real bitch of a flight attendant, but laugh hysterically rather than plot her untimely jump-seat strangulation death. Pam Ann is the brilliant stage persona of Australian comedian Caroline Reid and she’s in town tonight for one show only.

We’ve seen her numerous times on gay cruises and it wasn’t until the third time we saw her that we realized she’s a real woman. With her sarcastic wit, bitter attitude and high camp value, we just assumed she was a gay man.

If you’ve never seen her, we promise you’ll be in hysterics from the opening moments of her routine. Observational comedy about flying has long been a staple of stand-up comedians, but she takes it to new heights, skewering every major airline and mocking the many absurd rules and regulations that frustrate us every time we travel.

Catch her if you can. Seats are still available in all cabins of service, but be warned. She discriminates against everyone who’s not seated in First Class.

Tickets: $32 – $64
Majestic Theatre
1925 Elm Street, Dallas
(800) 745-3000