Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Girth Friendly

Now that this whole green living trend seems to be here to stay (at least until the right-wing extremists convince people there’s no such thing as global warming), it’s time for the eco movement to become a little more chic. Because no matter how you slice it, there’s nothing sexy about a Prius, making your own laundry detergent or Ed Begley, Jr. standing in front of windmills.

Well, except in our dreams where Ed’s portrayed by Orlando Bloom and his Prius is a talking car like in Knight Rider and we’re having soap-sud fights with the homemade detergent. But that only happens when we mix Ambien and wine coolers.

Well, finally, we can have a sober eco fantasy thanks to the Pure line from Baskit underwear.

We’ve always been fond of the shape-flattering styles of Baskit, but now that we can count buying underwear as an act of environmentalism, we’re beyond excited. And whether you’re wearing a bikini brief, jock strap, boxer brief or low-rise trunk, each Pure style is incredibly sexy.

Oh, and it’s made of 100-percent pure, certified-organic cotton free of insecticides and pesticides (sorry, you’ll have to do something else to get rid of those crabs).

Available in Super White, Black and Natural (for those of you who prefer not to participate in manscaping rituals down under), they’re so hot it’s a shame to put clothes on.

That’s why we can’t wait to host our next Underwear Bingo Night at Our Lady of the Tighty Whities. Those nuns do such good work.

Prices start at $18

Check out “$12 Tuesdays.” Every Tuesday, Baskit highlights a specific pair of underwear for only $12.

(Photo by Bruno Rand)