Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pop Star

Show us a gay man who doesn’t want a gorgeous, enlarged and hung piece of work welcoming them home everyday, and we’ll show you a top.

Since we go through houseboysdaddies like Kim Zolciak goes through wigs, the only enlarged piece of work that we see regularly is a stylized print from Canvas Pop.

Internet companies promising to jazz up your digital pictures and send them back to you are a dime a dozen these days, but what Canvas Pop offers that the others don’t is just what Dr. Size Queen ordered: inches.

Sure, the talented graphic artists at the design firm will add flare to your image (our favorite optional effects are “color isolate” and “vintage”), but Canvas Pop can also transform your digital pic into a canvas-based work of art up to 38” (h) x 76” (w).

That’s a size that would leave even our foreheads a bit moist!

While some may argue that size isn’t everything, the craftsmanship of Canvas Pop’s artists is rather impeccable compared to the products of a few other digital print companies we’ve checked out, meaning that even our coy bathroom-mirror self-portrait we use on Manhunt can be transformed into a piece of highbrow art.

Canvas Pop offers reasonable price points and works fast, but it’s the risk-free ordering and customer guarantee that leaves us smiling. What other hung goods ordered from the Internets guarantees our satisfaction?

Canvases beginning at $30
$14 shipping anywhere in the US
Free shipping if ordering more than one piece