Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

On A Case By Case Basis

Protection is always a good idea this day in age, especially for our phones.

Whether shopping for cases at Best Buy or the Apple Store, the options are limited, and every other gay on the planet surely already has each case, in all colors over Dorothy’s rainbow. To return to the land of reclaimed self-expression, we’re clicking our ruby heels thrice over these two unique iPhone cases:

Pong Cover by Pong Research
Though it rarely works to muster up a phone call, we worry about the radiation emitted from iPhones. Whether it’s held to our ears or resting near our groins, the only good that can come from the troubling levels of radiation is an unintended manscaping resulting from hair loss. Yea, we always follow the latest unwanted hair-removal treatments, but we’d prefer that our phones stick with what they were invented to help us do: text, avoid phone calls and update Twitter. To keep our minds off of the radiation (and the radiation off our minds) is the Pong cover, brainchild of a physics professor from UCLA. The first FCC-proven case to minimize cell radiation (up to 85%!), the Pong cover also keeps the next most valuable things we have – our iPhones – protected from environmental damage as well.


ID Credit Card Case by Casemate
When going to the club, we like as little in our back pockets as possible so that our assets shine through. We’ve dwindled what we take with us on a night out to our ID, credit card and a few business cards, but even then, the square shapes displayed in bas-relief across our taut booties won’t do; instead, we’re downsizing with the Credit Card Case from Casemate. Sleek and sophisticated, Casemate’s inventive iPhone case keeps all our necessities together so that our mom-given goods can pop. But there’s one caveat: we’re not so good at math, but if you’re prone to misplacing phones or wallets, we think this case might double your chances of losing both. As long as it’s the only risk involved with this fashionable form of protection, we’re happy to wrap it up!