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There’s a new frontier that Lady Gaga has made us want to explore since her debut launched this time last year. No, the frontier is not Lady’s gaga – it’s Space Cowboy.

The European DJ/producer crafted a few hot tracks for Our Lady of the Gays, starred in a couple Haus of Gaga videos, and orchestrated the first tour after the launch of Fame. We’ve been dancing to his special brand of music for a year now, and we were pleased to learn the best was yet to come.

Ready to make his solo mark in America (he’s enjoyed mainstream success in Europe and Japan), Space Cowboy’s Digital Rock Star drops today. If you crave the beats that keep gay go-go boys rockin’, you’ll need to start saving those dolla dolla bills – DRS is chock full of the Euro-flavored dance-pop that had us first notice Space Cowboy’s rising star (as in his hit collaboration with Gaga, “Starstruck”). To help familiarize the GLBT community with the music that’ll soon be entering our orbit, the fashionable electronic music producer took time out of his busy schedule to give Gay List Daily a taste of what the rest of Space (as those close to him call him) has to offer.

Gay List Daily: What’s the story behind your Space Cowboy stage name?
Space Cowboy: I'm obsessed with futuristic metallic sounds and voices and the idea was that all Space Cowboy music sounds like it was made in a spaceship.

GLD: You have a long and successful history in electronic music. Why do you think it has taken longer for the genre to grab onto the American mainstream?
SC: America invented electronic music, no? Kid Cudi, Crookers, Red One, Gaga and Timbaland’s “The Way I R” helped make it happen. Justice, DJ AM (RIP), Steve Aoki also made an impact. Plus, it’s dope party music, so it just needed the hip-hop seal of approval for the Top 40 clubs.

GLD: For those who’ve been on Mars the past few years, how would you describe the “digital rock” genre, which you coined?
SC: I would say rock star music, embracing technology with naughty songs about the road, the essence of rock ’n roll, or laptop rock.

GLD: What’s your favorite track on ‘Digital Rock Star’ right now?
SC: “I Came 2 Party” featuring Paradiso Girls and Far East Movement available digitally on the album is my fave at the moment.

GLD: You’ve worked with plenty of artists, in fact, we love “Falling Down” with Chelsea from Paradiso Girls, but what would be your dream collaboration?
SC: Thank you! Timbo, Brandon Flowers. I'd work with Amerie in a hot second.

GLD: What albums would you like to have if ever stranded alone on an island?
SC: Daft Punk Discovery; Lady Gaga The Fame

GLD: Glad you brought Lady Gaga back up! What was it like working with her?
SC: Like the future!

GLD: [Laughs] Is there something we don’t know about Gaga that you can share?
SC: She loves to listen to AC/DC before she rocks a show, brings it to its knees.

GLD: As far as conquering America goes, has it been difficult for you to establish your own identity in the post-“Starstruck” era?
SC: I entered the Haus with my own identity and was trusted as far as creating music and my clothes, apart from the iconic mirror tie, which she, of course, created herself.

GLD: Speaking of creation, can you give us a taste of your songwriting process?
SC: I write from the heart at best in a booth and sing/write like no one’s there. It can be 15 minutes of freestyled trash, but in that take will be some magic, the title of a song if I’m inspired – usually by a party, heartbreak or relationship issue of some sort.

GLD: You orchestrated much of Lady Gaga’s tour last year, so touring the States is nothing new to you. Still, looking forward to anything in particular on your upcoming Party Rock Tour?
SC: This tour is going to be vastly different than anything I have experienced. All artists on the tour are party animals. I’m most excited about that and any random tipsy songwriting experiments.

GLD: What can fans hoping to attend expect?
SC: Jumping, shouting, beats, hot girls, hot boys, impossibly rad performances, a lot of fun and a fair amount of Tron I expect!

GLD: Plenty of us boys adore your style. Any tips for fans who’d want to emulate your keen fashion sense?
SC: Thank you very much. Reading Vogue…girls clothes can be much more adventurous in the mainstream stores. I buy the freshest beltsand tees from stores like Zara. I’m on my way to the men’s department store now, actually.

GLD: Do you have a last message to your growing stateside gay fan base?
SC: Thank you for bumping my tracks, I appreciate it. This album is yours!

Space Cowboy’s Digital Rock Star is out today on Cherrytree Records

Catch Space Cowboy with The Paradiso Girls, LMFAO, Far East Movement and Shwayze and more on The Party Rock Tour, launching Thursday, November 5