Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Shine Country

While the relentless economy has forced us to let landscape boy, pool boy, housekeeper and bartender (both the AM and PM shifts) go, it might be the loss of Shoe Shiner that has us most perplexed. After all, only pool boy knew the tricks and cocktails necessary to get us into the bent-over positions required to shine our own shoes.

Thankfully, Paul Smith has come to the rescue by empowering us to take care of ourselves – a skill we were hoping to not have to learn until marriage – with the Paul Smith Wooden Shoe Care Kit.

The timing is perfect in more ways than putting the upkeep of refinement solely (hardy, har) in our hands; with the approach of fall, winter and spring weather having our shoes worried they’ll appear more worn than Donatella Versace come May. The shoe care kit might be the best way to calm our footwear freak outs.

Sure, the art of shoeshine has been genetically weeded out of all generations born since the 50’s, but the assortment of high-end brushes, colors, waxes and cloths ensures that we’ll have every tool needed to revive the manly skill.

Even if our first reaction to the plethora of gear is the same we provide at first sight of any open toolbox – lightheadedness and possibly even fainting – the black-washed wooden box accented with Paul Smith’s non-traditional rainbow trademark is gorgeous, no matter how dusty it gets next to the other unused toolboxes in our closet.

Then again, the purpose of Paul Smith’s kit (making our shoes prettier) is much more dire than the purpose of the other boxes of gear (fixing tires, pipes, fuses, faulty wiring, etc.), so maybe we’ll ask our lesbian neighbors to come over for yet another “how-to” demonstration…