Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Spread It Wide

There are plenty of things we gays spread, sometimes even unintentionally. It should come as no surprise that our favorite thing to spread is provoked by nuts, which is pretty much the idea behind the Kinded Campaign.

Makers of handmade nut and fruit bars, the Kind team decided to get into the karma business by asking us to spread it wide – and like usual, boy, did we accept.

To catalyze a kindness epidemic, the Kinded movement gives do-gooders something tangible to hold in their hand (which is usually our biggest incentive) as a token of their kindness – the Kinded card.

Those hoping to join the movement simply download and print rainbow-colored Kinded cards that come complete with their own unique PIN codes. After an act of compassion is completed, cardholders pass along the brightly colored token of altruism (perhaps with a phone number if the beneficiary is attractive, we won’t judge). Then, like a cold sore at Courtney Love’s annual Halloween party, the kindness spreads.

The difference in this social epidemic lies in the tracking power of one’s random act of kindness – each card’s unique code allows it to be tracked so that givers can see those who’ve benefited from the chain reaction.

The card that gets passed around more than us in the darkroom of The Cockpit by January 29 will give each do-gooder registered in its specific chain of kindness a chance to have the Kind company award him/her/LadyGaga with the biggest act of generosity they can imagine, whether it’s a European vacation for mom and dad or a huge donation to marriage equality organizations.

We’ve always said we like to give.

Kinded cards and codes are free
The Great Kinding contest ends January 29