Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Trash & Field

We don’t exactly consider ourselves the cognoscenti of trash, but we’ve dated enough of it to have a good grasp on the concept. Aside from the time “our friend” woke up naked and disoriented near the back entrance of Crobar, little did we know part of the concept of waste would include wearable garments.

But with two new sportswear shirts from Atayne, we can throw away our stale perception of trash.

Sure, calling the recycled material Atayne transforms into sportswear “trash” is like calling Adam Lambert “butch,” but we – like Glambert – can be a bit dramatic sometimes. Whatever you want to label it, Atayne’s line of recycled clothing derives not from cutting-edge lab-created polyesters, but instead from reclaimed plastic bottles, coconut husks and crab shells, for example.

Call us prudish, but we didn’t think we’d enjoy wearing crabs (it’s not like we’re in high school anymore). However, the performance, comfort and breathability of Atayne’s recycled sportswear easily laid any worries to rest, and now we catch ourselves regularly scoping out Survivor for more ideas of how to make trash functional and fashionable. So far, we’re light years behind Atayne.

Saving the planet one elliptical step at a time is one thing; saving yourself is another.

Not only is Atayne sportswear crafted from reclaimed trash, it’s made free of chemical treatments often found in performance gear, which the body easily absorbs after a good sweat. We feel we soak up enough chemical treatments every evening weekend during happy hour, so we might be eager to give sportswear a fresh start – even if the fresh start begins at the landfill.

Grind T Performance Top (pictured), $39
Customized recycled performance t-shirts are also available