Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Supply and He-Man

Tongue-in-cheek is the second preferred spot we like to put our tongues. Giving us plenty of this runner-up is The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company.

Though our tighty-whities tingle at the thought of a one-stop online shop for antidotes, x-ray specs, invisibility cloaks and the latest capes to soar in the fashion world, the superhero supply shop is nothing more than a whimsical front to the beloved 826NYC non-profit.

But, in spirit of the organization’s purpose of providing the country’s young with a place to release and hone written creativity, we’ll pull the superhero mask over our eyes and splurge on outlandishly fabulous supplies.

In fact, there are a few items we’ve been on the hunt for that the BSSCo. offers:

-The gravity-defying antigravity elixir can come in handy when trying out new tricks on our princess canopy bed as the Wicked soundtrack blares in the background

-The supply company’s glittery superhero cape is perfect whether we’re attempting to fight off crime or fashion offenders (which might include those who don said cape)

All tricks aside (we’ll service them each later), whether your superpowers consist of other-worldly strength or just a double-jointed pelvis, all profits made from the half-real, half-imagination superhero products help keep kids interested in writing.

And if the collected writings of 826NYC’s students (also available on the website) are any indication, the pen truly might be the most powerful weapon a superhero can wield.

Antigravity elixir, $11
Glitter cape, $28