Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Putting the Eye in Individual

It’s said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But sometimes it hovers millimeters above those eyes in the form of striking spectacles.

Unfortunately, striking spectacles are about as hard to find as strict tops. They’re always either a shade away from a perfect match with our flawless skin tone and sumptuous coif, or too big (two words we’ve never put together) or too small (that’s more like it) for our face.

We’re more like Goldilocks than we care to admit, but we can proudly attest that we’re always on the search for a pair that’s just right.

Utilizing old-world craftsmanship and a palette of patterns and materials unseen at every level from Lenscrafters to Louis Vuitton, Indivijual’s customized frames might provide the elusive perfect pair and give our faces even more reasons to be adored by the masses.

Instead of a million and one gays displaying the same pair, the eyewear design company provides customers with what might be one-in-a-million frames. All eyewear is handcrafted by Indivijual designers, with customers partaking in every facet of the design process to ensure the high-end result amounts to a uniquely striking pair.

Though we wish a certain Twilight actor’s striking pair was what rested on our faces, the bespoke frames from Indivijual will do wonders until then.

Customized frames, $595