Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jack Be Nimble

Getting together with hot locals for sweaty meet-ups just got easier. Staying fitness-forward in the winter months just got easier. Getting out of the monotonous weight-lifting rut at the gym just got easier. If you know anything about us at all, you’ll know we like easy! Making staying active a cinch in all of the aforementioned ways is Skimble.

Still rockin’ beta, Skimble allows fitness enthusiasts to create localized and unconventional workouts so that others may join in on the group action. The more the merrier, Daddy used to say.

Everything from indoor rock-climbing to winter après skiing to team sports to any other creative group activity one can think of (well, almost any other – there are more appropriate sites for a particular subset of activities we can think of) can be Skimbled on the site.

The concept is simple: fitness freaks create and post upcoming activities, other users sign up to join; and functional: after creating profiles, Skimblers can track progress throughout the month, and compare their fitness accomplishments with other users and friends.

Pardon us while if we leave today’s post a bit early…All this talk of comparisons and group action has reminded us to clear out our computer’s internet cache before the boyfriend gets home.

Skimble is free to use