Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Welcome Back, Casa

When Casa Blanca on Lemmon Avenue closed a few months ago, we were devastated. It was one of those restaurants we always kept on our short list for taking out-of-town friends and family to get a good plate of Tex-Mex, a cold margarita and a warm smile from Gina, the restaurant’s owner.

We chalked it up to another victim of the down economy and quickly drove home to drown our sorrows in back-to-back tequila shots. It seemed an appropriate way to mourn.

Then a few weeks ago, we saw signs on the old Grill 400 building in the Bishop Arts District of Oak Cliff: “Coming Soon: Casa Blanca Sabor.” Could it be? Was this our beloved brisket-taco temple rising like a phoenix from charred tortilla ashes or another taco temptress teasing us?

We went for lunch last week and HALLELUJAH! It’s the same old Casa Blanca, just a slight tweak in the name. Now, it’s Casa Blanca Sabor, which translates to “White House Flavor.”

An allusion to the Obamas? Probably not. But we like to picture Mr. President sitting back in the Oval Office with a napkin tucked into his shirt with meaty juices dripping down the front while Michelle reclines on his desk poised for a few body shots between bites. (Come on, you know George and Barbara Bush did the same thing.)

Thankfully, the menu hasn’t changed much and all our favorites are there, from the succulent Brisket Tacos to the mouth-watering Jalapeño Pork Chops. Best of all, while they await their liquor license, margaritas are on the house. So hurry in before the paperwork is in place and “The Man” charges you to get your buzz on.

The Bishop Arts District has long been a favorite dining destination for us, but authentic Tex-Mex was the only category that seemed to be missing. Now, the reopening of Casa Blanca has answered two prayers with one stone. (Sorry, we’ve already had three margaritas and our idioms are all out of whack.)

Casa Blanca Sabor Tex-Mex
400 West Davis, Dallas
(214) 942-4200
(No web site)