Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Scarf Face

It’s hard to find something to compete with our flawless faces. When we do, the competition has to be smothered – unless its scarves from boutique British men’s accessories company, Drakes.

In the case of Drakes handmade lambs wool and merino scarves, the only things smothered are our necks, and they’re done so in a wrap of warmth and dignified design.

Move over Arab-inspired, tasseled hipster scarves that did little to protect us from the cold and more to make us look like Urban Outfitters employees; Drakes is returning a sense of style and refinement to our necks – a difficult task considering where they’ve been.

Thirty-years old (just how we like ‘em), Drakes 2010 collection is defined by a nostalgia for the bygone winters of childhood – a time when we donned scarves for functional purposes, not, like now, just because they match our Ginch Gonches or because we need something to hide random lovebites left from lotharios (even when it’s 80 degrees out).

Whether marked by familiar and cherished winter patterns in brilliant blues and yellows or punctuated with vibrant stripes, the high-quality offerings in this season’s collection returns the era of simplicity to our winter wardrobes.

Now if Drakes scarves could only return the taut necks, invisible Adam’s apples and singular chins we enjoyed in childhood as well…

Scarves from Drakes 2009 Winter Collection, $145 – $275
Available stateside from C.H.C.M.