Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Ruf, The Ruf, The Rufus On Fire

When we first heard Rufus Wainwright playing on a friend’s stereo, we were mesmerized by his distinctive voice. Then we Googled him and were even more mesmerized by his movie-star good looks.

Then we found out that he’s gay and, well, he quickly rose to the top of our list of stalk-worthy celebrities.

Now he’s coming to Fort Worth and we finally have the opportunity to give him the life-size Rufus Wainwright doll we’ve been constructing out of cat hair and fingernail clippings for the past three years. We’re sure he’ll love it as much as we love him!

But even if you’re not on the same fanatical level as some of us, this is a concert that will create a fan out of all non-believers. His varied style (from Judy Garland tributes to pop opera) offers something for everyone.

And guess what, Britney? He actually sings during his show. This performance will highlight songs from his newest release, Milwaukee At Last!, as well as other favorites from albums past.

Elton John has called him “the greatest songwriter on the planet,” which is about as grand a compliment a musician could ever receive. It’s on par with Martha Stewart praising you for your shank-making prowess or the finesse with which you talk down to your subordinates.

So this Saturday, come for Rufus’ good looks. Stay for his amazing musical talent. And, who knows, if history is any indication you’ll witness a second show when the police pull us off the hood of his limousine while professing our undying devotion as he’s whisked away to his hotel.

We got Tasered by Clay Aiken, so anything can happen.

Tickets start at $21
Saturday, November 14, 2009, 8:00 p.m.
Bass Performance Hall
4th and Calhoun Streets, Fort Worth
(877) 212-4280