Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

In The Bag

It’s time to get serious. When it comes to two of our most cherished goods – our man bags and our leather – we don’t play around.

We’ve had our moments poking fun at old Italian leather bags like Sophia Loren and Donatella Versace, but this time there’s no room for jokes; we’re as serious as the brass and steel riveting, the handmade maple and walnut handles, and the suitcase-inspired shapes of Palmer & Sons’ bespoke man bags.

The new father and son leatherworking team is based in Vancouver, but pleasing Daddies and the rest of us all across the continent with intricate and expertly crafted goods.

A few of the offerings from the distinctively bespoke designers are smaller, elegant pieces, but – if we’re being serious – we like it big and rough, which is why we want to sling any three of the Palmer & Sons suitcase-inspired pieces over our shoulders.

The custom-built bags are semi-rigid, but unlike vintage luggage, they retain their strength and shape not through wood, but rather intelligent design (the only time we’ll combine those two words together).

Considering what we put most of our leather goods through, such vigor will come in handcuffs handy.

Leather Suitcase No. 3 S (pictured), $500