Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

How Many Licks…

Sometimes things just scream our name. Thank Gucci we don’t have uptight neighbors. Usually we’re the ones squealing, but this time it’s Sugar Factory’s Couture Pops that we might have to dust the ball gag off for.

Satisfying our oral fixations? Check.

Pretty sticks interrupting our lips? Check.

Make that pretty and delicious couture sticks interrupting our lips? Check and check.

Rarely does a product come along that supplies more innuendos than we can fit in a day, though we don’t mind testing our stamina.

Like a Nicorette patch for…well, folks who share our favorite vice, the Couture Pop is a more flashy and fashionable way to cut back on the “sauce.”

As pricey of a lollipop as the word “couture” might suggest, Sugar Factory’s offerings are made of separate parts: bottoms and tops. In fact, the luxury pop’s parts remind us of the age-old adage that has circled gay grotto’s since the Civil War: bottoms can be used over and over again, but good tops go quickly.

In a similar vein, the sparkling, bejeweled, clear and other flirtatious lollipop sticks are reusable, while suckers order various-flavored (we love SF Cherry!) heads to top them when they’re running low on the good stuff.

If only ordering new, succulent tops online were as easy on all websites!

Couture Pop bottoms, $22 – $25; pack of three tops, $12
Box set of 4 complete lollipops, $75