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A Whole New World

What’s easy on the eyes isn’t always easy on the knees. That tall drink of mineral water we met at the free clinic last week, for example.

But Gan’s new line of boutique rugs reminiscent of traditional winter knitwear will be easy on all things, especially the floor (which is our favorite place to get easy).

Known largely for its stark home furnishings, parent design company Gandia Blasco has recently returned to its textiles roots with high-end rugs under the Gan label.

We’ve had our gorgeous eyes watching the unconventional products coming out of the Valencian company for awhile, but found ourselves struck with the oddly intriguing Mangas line designed for Gan by Patricia Urquiola.

Hand tufted, the artistic rugs play with our sense of nostalgia, recreating patterns, fabrics and colors that we might’ve donned as twinks in the form of mittens, scarves or even boxer shorts (in those terrifying years before we became enlightened to the merits of designer briefs).

A playful bitch slap to whoever first coined “one size fits all” (the most laughable four words in the English language); rugs from the Mangas line are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to leave an impression in any room of the home.

On that note, our knees are for once not the only things to be left with an impression of our home’s rugs – it might even remain with our guests…

Prices vary
Available to order online at www.unicahome.com