Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We’re Here

Though we’re always camera ready, it’s taken us a few rallies to get a taste for the duds suitable to democracy. Luckily, the next photos to appear of us on Myspace (with clothes on) will document our continued march for civil rights, this time wearing the work of Apolis Activism.

Created in 2004 by three Los Angeles brothers, the Apolis Activism brand offers utilitarian men’s garments that are eye-catching (perfect for being spotted in that rally-recap on the local ABC affiliate!).

Whether it’s the brand’s functional gauze scarves, its Chambray work shirts, utility trousers or wax canvas jackets, one can find the outfit necessary to blend into the angry-but-peaceful crowd of activists as well as to stick out within it.

In or out, like our bisexuality experiment during our late teens, the LA brand allows us to flirt with the best of both options.

You may have heard through the gayvine that we have eagerly worn whatever a trio of brothers asked of us. Though the layers of cold-weather garments from Apolis are a bit more fabric than we’re accustomed to parading around for male siblings, the pieces are just what we need to get the job done.

Unlike the jobs we like to perform for gorgeous sets of brothers, the job these clothes inspire involves screaming and demanding to be taken care of, in front of a large, sweaty, passionate crowd of gays.

Well, on second thought, that doesn’t sound very different from all the other moments we’ve enjoyed thanks to a set of brothers.

For a list of stockists around the country, visit www.apolisactivism.com
Or, you can order Apolis Activism online from Context Clothing at www.contextclothing.com