Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Chin & Tonic

Our fashion speaks volumes. But when it comes to ties, we don't like anything too loud. Sounding off at the perfect pitch are the Sonic Fabric Neckties from designer Alyce Santoro.

Culled from the same material that made escaping in boyhood possible – cassette tape – these hip, metallic-looking accessories add yet another job to our neckties' resumes, right under dress-up garb and late-night blindfold: mobile source of ambient music.

Of course, the 50% of the tie's recycled cassette tape (mixed with colored thread) only produces audio when an available cassette head is delicately allowed to trace it, but when it comes to finding head, most fashionable wearers of the skinny ties should have no problem.

Full disclosure: The music released by the tie consists of an ambient soundtrack grabbed from the designer's album of New York City sounds, and not, for example, an original cast recording from In The Heights like we had hoped. But the fact that we not only look fly but can produce a creative soundtrack on the fly is well worth the raised (and plucked) eyebrows.

Besides, who in their right mind wants to turn down a surefire way to get groups of hotties at the next holigay party to stand around and grovel over their necks and chests? We attempt to secure just that every holiday season.

Thanks to Santoro, maybe this is our year.

Available in three colors