Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

Isn’t it great how something becomes successful and suddenly there are tons of competitors? First came the Slanket, then along came the Snuggie, followed recently by the HugMe. They’re all basically the same, but each has enough of a twist to justify its existence, whether it’s price or fabric choices or personalization options.

Think of Bodies: The Exhibition as the Snuggie of human body displays. It’s not the original, and there will likely be more like it in the future. The Dallas exhibition at the West End Marketplace (what a great re-use of the once-popular tourist shopping destination!) is a bit smaller than others that have toured, but it’s no less impressive.

In fact, what makes Bodies more enjoyable is that it encourages interaction.

No, you can’t touch the real human bodies that have been artfully preserved and posed, but there is a Touch Station where you can carefully hold cross-sections of bodies, examine a human skull, and even cup a human heart. It’s simply fascinating, and there’s plenty of hand sanitizer just in case you’re worried about catching “dead” from anything.

We found the room with the fetuses to be the most fascinating. Seeing the jump from something the size of a Jelly Belly to something the size of a Weeble in a matter of one week’s development time is truly amazing. Miracle of life and all that.

You can also see the effects of heart and lung disease, which really made us think. At least until we walked down to TGI Friday’s afterward for a smoke and a Jack Daniels Cheeseburger.

We recommend getting the audio tour for the best experience and if you can go during the week, you’ll face smaller crowds than on weekends (and save a couple bucks, too). And that means more time to see what your future holds. And we mean that literally because you can volunteer at the Touch Station to have your body donated to the exhibition (after you die, of course).

Then one day, you too can have your skinless body posed to portray skipping through a field of bluebonnets, standing on a stepladder placing Barbie atop a Christmas Tree, or bent over putting a soufflé in the oven.

Hmmm… Gay Bodies: The Stereotype Exhibition. We’re gonna be rich!

Adult Tickets: $22 Weekdays, $24 Weekends
Audio Tours: $5
West End Marketplace
603 Munger Avenue, Dallas

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